Write On Kids! Writing to Succeed


Words are a lens to focus one’s mind.-Ayn Rand


Write to Communicate

All educated people need to and have to write. At Write On Kids!™, children can strengthen their language base to become great communicators.

Write to Explore

When you write, you may discover new ideas and start thinking of different and unusual possibilites. It takes time and practice to become a good writer but the reward is highly satisfying!

Write to Develop and Grow

Transmission of knowledge requires good annd clear writing as well as speaking skills. The skill of writing, when done well, builds confidence to communicate persuasively and clearly in situations where it is required. Writing also helps with analytical thinking skills.

Write to Enjoy

Children, when encouraged to discover their own style of writing, will enjoy the art of creating new stories and situations. Brainstorming is so much fun!

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public speaking & communication skills, Drama, creative writing & Etiquette

for kids ages 6-12

public speaking, DEBATE and Leadership skills for kids ages 12-16 year olds


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