Lead On Kids! Leading Towards Success


Leadership is influence.-John C. Maxwell


Lead To Communicate

Children must understand that although some are born to lead, others can learn to lead. The skills of speaking and communicating effectively are inseparable from leadership skills.

Lead to Assert

Remember: leaders are assertive, not bossy! Being in control does not mean to bark out orders, but requires being considerate of those who are being led.

Lead to Persuade

Leaders are not just confident, responsible, and assertive. They are also friendly, kind, and emapathetic. They should be able to persuade and direct through teamwork and community projects. Many leaders have a great sense of humor.

Lead to Change

Leaders are ready to take risks and take a stand, especially in circumstances when they are morally and ethically strong. Children know when somthing undesirable is going on. With leadership skills, they will have the courage, fortitude, and confidence to make changes and speak up when the situation arises. Leaders will change by example.

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