It is important that we get feedback from our students on their experiences in our classes. At the end of classes and workshops, we have students fill out evaluations forms to rate and discuss the classes.

Here is some of their feedback:

Student Evalutions

Leadership & Debate Summer Camp

for ages 6-14

Communication Programs



“This was a great experience for me! It was super fun working on the debate and learning a lot of new things!”

“It was fun and I learned a lot!”

“Very nice teaching & instructing.”

“I really enjoyed coming, Ms. Darci is great!”

“I like that it was very thorough, and we got to work on a debate.”


All of our students in our Leadership & Debate Summer Camps gave us top marks!


Adult Feedback


“This is such a unique and essential program for pre-teens and early teens. It stimulates and educates so many dimensions within a child’s mind.” -posted on SmartMINDZ’s Facebook Page by Melwyn Pinto

“My daughter was reluctant to come but after the first day said” I love it, I wish we could do another week of this!” -M.H parent about the Act Up Kids! camp

“I liked this class a lot. I had a great experience learning about debate.”

“The teacher I had this week is an amazing debate teacher.”


“I loved this class.”

When asked what our students liked best about the program:



“When we made the creations.”

“I liked the process of writing in debates.”

“The chance to learn more professionally about debate.”

“The Cross Examination.”

“Meeting new people.”

“All of the thinking.”

“I got to learn new debate concepts and practice debating.”

“My favorite thing was preparing for the debates.”

“When we play games and learn new words.”

“That I actually learned something for life.”


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