Act Up Kids!           Acting to Succeed


Live truthfully under imaginary circumstances- Sanford Meisner


Act to Communicate

Acting is a skill used by many effective communicators. Actors use thier emotions to communicate, and this resonates with audiences. Act Up Kids!™ is the stepping stone to Public speaking.

Act to Discover

While acting, children find an outlet for thier emotions, thoughts, and dreams. They discover new things about themselves and their surroundings. As self awreness grows, kids become tolerant and learn to care about others.

Act to Develop and Grow

Acting helps children to build thier self image. It boosts their confidence and develops self control.

This skill stimulates creativity which in turn helps with problem solving.

Act to Play

Children enjoy themselves when encouraged to just be themselves and get lost in their imaginary worlds. Using your imagination and fantasizing is a lot of fun! Try it!

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public speaking, DEBATE and Leadership skills for kids ages 12-16

public speaking & communication skills, Drama, creative writing & Etiquette

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